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10th meeting

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The 10th Meeting RG Evo-Devo

Theme:Think Post-genomic Evo-Devo
Date: Jun, 7th-18th, 2017
Location:National Institute of Genetics (Mishima, Shizuoka)
Organizer:Hiroyuki Koga (Univ. Tokyo), Manabu Bessho (Nagoya Univ.)
Support: NIG-JOINT


Since the completion of human genome project in 2003, human research has entered the "Post-genomic era". Likewise, as the genomes of each model organism have decoded, research in each organism has entered the post-genomic field, and understanding of various life phenomena has advanced greatly.
Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo-Devo) aims to understand the evolutionary mechanisms of morphology through researches on developmental processes of various multicellular organisms. In this field, it is one of the central purposes to explain a morphological evolution by specific changes in the genomic sequences, and to do so, it is essential to use genome information in a wide range of taxa. Nevertheless, in the past, it was difficult to fully understand evolutionary mechanisms because the available genomic information was limited to some model species.
However, with the remarkable popularization of Next-generation sequencing technology in recent year, the barriers are being removed, and the "post-genomic era" is about to arrive at the Evo-Devo field. Furthermore, in addition to genome-wide analysis such as comprehensive expression analysis and epigenome analysis, a new technique typified by genome editing enables us to conduct an unprecedented approach with various taxonomic groups. Now that we can easily obtain biological information which has unparalleled quality and quantity in the past, how should we use it for Evo-Devo research and find a new paradigm? In this workshop, we would like to make and share the perspective of post-genomic Evo-Devo research with researchers taking advanced genome research.

Program (Japanese)

Program (provisional)

Jun, 17th 2017(Sat.)
12:00~ Opening
    Plenary Talks
12:10~ Shigehiro Kuraku (RIKEN)
13:10~ Yi-Jyun Luo (OIST)
14:10~ Takashi Hamaji (Univ. Tokyo)
15:30~ Coffee break
15:30~ Ryohei Seki (NIG)
16:30~ Arikuni Uchimura (RERF)
17:30~ Poster presentations
19:30~ Get-together @Kinsyoukan
Jun. 18th 2017 (Sun)
10:00~ Oral Presentations
11:00~ Discussion event
12:00 Finish
Participation Fee General1,000 yen
Get-Together General4,000 yen
Students2,500 yen

*please pay for it at the site

  • You can use following japanese-style Hotel "Kinsyokan"
  • Since the organizer will reserve the hotel for participants who wished, you don't need to reserve the hotel by yourself
  • Poster
  • Oral (for a few)