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Our activity is currently suspended.

Ten years ago, we started this meeting to have an opportunity to discuss Evo-Devo issues which had not been a mainstream of evolutionary biology in Japan. But now, Evo-Devo field becomes much standard, as you can find a variety of Evo-Devo-related symposium, workshop, and other events in various conferences. So, we judged that the purpose of this community has been almost achieved and decided to suspend our activity. From now on we should further discuss Evo-Devo issue in much broader communities of evolutionary, developmental, and other biological fields.
We thank all members, and look forward to seeing again in various conferences.

About us

Diverse organisms on this planet share much, yet differ to some extent in morphology and physiology. Ever wondered how have such commonalities and differences have arisen? Join our society of evolutionary developmental (evo-devo) biologists in Japan to explore with us how developmental programs of individual organisms have been conserved and/or altered during evolution.




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